About WideOpen Blacksburg

We think that the residents and businesses of Blacksburg should not have to send millions of dollars out of the town, out of the New River Valley, and out of the state every year just to have mediocre Internet, phone, and TV service. So we started WideOpen Blacksburg, with the goal of giving the residents and businesses of the area the opportunity to keep those millions of dollars local--creating new jobs and new business opportunities in the area. If you like the idea of owning a piece of the future, we are looking for partners who want to help the venture grow.

Our partners, Design Nine and WideOpen Networks, have more than twenty years experience designing, building, and managing new community-based broadband networks.

Bozeman, Montana
We planned, designed, and built 23 miles of Gigabit fiber for Bozeman. The network is owned by a community nonprofit and WideOpen Networks provides 24/7/365 network operations.
The Wired Road
We've been helping design, build, and operate The Wired Road community broadband network since its start in 2007. It was the first fully integrated wireless AND fiber open access network in the United States. We are currently helping the network added more than twenty miles of fiber to the network in Carroll and Grayson counties and the City of Galax.
Blacksburg Electronic Village
Remember the BEV? We helped start it and we ran it for nine years.
We did the business and financial planning, developed the network architecture, and helped the City of Eagan, Minnesota get the network built. The network is bringing new service providers to the city, and is providing affordable high performance Internet and voice services to the business community in Eagan. The availability of the high performance Gigabit fiber brought a major data center to the city in 2014.
We helped plan and design the City of Danville's hugely successful nDanville open access network. nDanville has helped attract hundreds of new jobs to the City and has been a key economic development tool that has brought new jobs and businesses back to the downtown area of Danville.
Rockbridge Area Network Authority
We designed and built the Gigabit open access network in Rockbridge county. We managed the construction of more than 100 miles of Gigabit fiber, and the cities of Lexington and Buena Vista have a powerful new tool for attracting jobs and businesses.
Palm Coast, Florida
We helped plan and design the City of Palm Coast's business-oriented fiber network that passes most of the businesses in the City. That network has helped keep the City's largest employer in Palm Coast, and has dramatically lowered the cost of business Internet and phone service.