Neighborhood Standings

As residents and businesses complete the new 2020 survey and indicate their interest in getting Gigabit fiber in their neighborhood, we will be updating this page showing how close each neighborhood is to reaching the needed target.

Why a target percentage?

It is not practical to build fiber to just one or two homes in a neighborhood. To make it financially feasible, we need to include most homes in a given neighborhood in the project. Not every home or business has to agree to pay for the fiber connection and to buy services, but we typically need between 35% and 65% of a neighborhood or business district to make that commitment (the percentage varies by the density of homes or businesses and the size of the lots).

How do you get your neighborhood on this page?

Once we get survey responses back from you and/or others in your neighborhood, we'll add your neighborhood to this page. Want to get fiber faster in your neighborhood? Talk to your neighbors, and contact us about being a neighborhood champion. We will provide you with handout, door hangers, yard signs, and other materials to help you get the word out in your neighborhood.

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Neighborhood Standings Map