More fiber in Virginia from Design Nine partner

  • Posted on: 9 March 2015
  • By: woadmin

January 5, 2015

Our network design partner, Design Nine, just announced that Charles City County has received a grant to build a fiber network. Maurice Jones, the Virginia Secretary of Commerce, announced a $600,000 state grant for a fiber build in the county's business park.

In just seven months, Design Nine evaluated the potential for the project, developed a complete technical network design, provided a preliminary cost estimate, identified two service providers interested in using the network, and provided all of the materials needed by the state to qualify for the grant. Construction will start early in 2015.

Charles City County is a very rural community. They had no fiber assets prior to the study. The county's largest employer said it would have to leave if broadband connectivity was not improved. The local incumbent Internet service provider refused to upgrade the network. The county also had a need for more wireless in parts of the county that were still on dial up or stuck with very poor DSL.

Design Nine developed an affordable network design, put together detailed cost estimates, and found a national Tier 1 service provider interested in providing service in Charles City County. Design Nine helped to develop a funding strategy and provided significant assistance in the development of the grant. The grant was awarded in large part because of the comprehensive broadband study and the very detailed project plan delivered by Design Nine.

WideOpen Blacksburg is delighted to have Design Nine's deep experience with community broadband and advanced fiber networks as we build out in Blacksburg and the New river Valley.