Our open access, fiber network invites large and small Internet Service Providers to offer their services over our data transport system. Your business can become its own last mile service provider or offer service to large external groups.

The WideOpen open-access network offers flexible connectivity options for plugging into the fastest, most secure, and most reliable network in the NRV. WideOpen owns, maintains and services the actual and physical fiber network. We have invested in the fastest, broadest and most secure telecommunications infrastructure serving Montgomery County in Virginia and the surrounding New River Valley.

Our network offers:

  • Speeds scalable to 200 GBPS
  • Transparent pricing
  • Private communication paths
  • Reliable, secure, maintained and actively managed fiber network
  • Consistent and symmetrical high-speed Internet options
  • Customizable Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • 24/7 pro-active system monitoring
  • Local and responsive customer support
  • Local skilled technicians
  • Custom installations
  • Rapid response team in the event of local weather related situations.
  • Generator backup of all systems

    Expand YOUR territory rapidly without the expense or risk of constructing the network. The funds you save on construction and network maintenance can then be used elsewhere, such as marketing your services to the WideOpen Network community.

    Retail customers are invited to explore our retail service offerings here.

  • ISPs Wanted!