Why Fiber?

Why Fiber?

Our fiber is the Internet super highway that will meet all your needs--now and in the future.

family enjoying Internet on laptop
A fiber network changes everything.
• You get the fastest possible Internet and can save $50-$100 per month.
• There are no data caps or data limits.
• There are no hidden fees.
• Our locally-owned fiber network provides superior work-from-home performance.
• Connect to your Virginia Tech or corporate network from home as if you were sitting at your office desk.
• Fiber can add as much as $7,000 to the value of your home.
• Upload speeds are as fast as Download speeds.
• Our network won't slow down in the afternoon or evenings.
• Fiber is reliable.
• Save money by replacing your traditional cable or satellite TV bill with better quality and less expensive streaming services.
• Fiber Internet lets you replace your Comcast or DSL with better TV options, better phone and better streaming experiences.
• Fiber future proofs your home for decades to come.
• Your own your connection and can customize your services month to month.

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About us

WideOpen Blacksburg is an initiative of WideOpen Networks. We are bringing Gigabit internet fiber to Blacksburg and nearby areas in the New River Valley.

Blacksburg Broadband LLC (dba WideOpen Blacksburg), is wholly owned by WideOpen Networks, and headquartered in Blacksburg. We are creating local jobs and a locally-owned, world class, fiber infrastructure, with the goal of connecting every home and business in the area to Giga-fast fiber. If you are tired of paying high fees for your Internet, voice, and TV, take our survey to let us know where you live and that you are ready to make the switch to fiber. The NEW survey goes live March 3, 2020. Please take the survey again for this new round even if you have taken it before. [And let your neighbors know to take the NEW survey, too!]

Blacksburg Broadband LLC is an innovation of two Blacksburg, VA companies who have national reputations for building and managing world class networks: Design Nine and WideOpen Networks. Combined, we bring an experienced team of telecom professionals dedicated to building the world's best network here in Blacksburg. Dr. Andrew Cohill, who led the pioneering Blacksburg Electronic Village project back in the early nineties, is the leader of this project.