WideOpenBlacksburg offers Fiber Internet Speeds of up to 1000Mbps!!

WideOpen™ Fiber means customers can choose from a wide range of providers, packages, and services. As our network grows, we will be adding more Internet provider options. Our current service plan packages are being managed by BizNet, our business-class Internet provider Partner.

Service Plan Cost breakdown:
Fees shown are monthly and include both our Monthly Connection Fee ($40) and the cost of the Internet package (e.g.$34.95).* As we add more providers and customers in your area, more plans will become available. Upload speeds equal download speeds. Bandwidth is not shared. There are no monthly data caps on non-commercial or home office use. There are no monthly modem lease fees.

Is there an installation fee?
The cost of installation will vary in each neighborhood, and we will have several affordable payment options, including no installation fee at all and adding a small amount onto your monthly service fee. Homeowners can expect to see home values increase by 3-5% when fiber is added to their home.

What exactly do I get with my Fiber To The Home (FTTH) installation?
Your Fiber installation (sometimes called a Fiber “drop”) is the physical link between your home and our wider network. You will own the fiber connection between the street and the house. It is a permanent improvement to your house, just as adding a porch or upgrading your kitchen increases your property values.

Is Fiber Internet available at my home?
If isn't available now, it can be available soon. We are bringing fiber to neighborhoods with greatest interest or need. We plan to bring five thousand to eight thousand more homes onto our network annually. Taking the simple interest survey and encouraging your neighbors to take the survey helps us decide where demand is highest and where to install the next fiber offshoots. Your privacy is 100% protected when you take the survey.

How long will this fiber installation last?
The fiber itself is capable of lasting several decades. Fiber installed in the 1970s is still in use today.

Where can I find more information about geting fiber in my neighborhood?
For more information you can use the “Contact” tab at the top of the page to send us an email (, consult the FAQs section for more information, or call us at 540-961-5411.

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