The Team

WideOpen (TM) Blacksburg is a project of Blacksburg Broadband LLC, a Blacksburg company. Our vision is to bring Gigabit fiber to every Blacksburg home and business that wants it in the next three years.

Partners on the project include:

Main Street WideOpen Networks is providing build out and construction management and network operations for the project. WideOpen is also a Blacksburg company, and the firm has a long history of community broadband and fiber network development, with current projects in Virginia, New Hampshire, and Illinois. WideOpen's founder, Andrew Cohill, was the first Director of the Blacksburg Electronic Village.
Biz Net Technologies Biz Net Technologies is one of the oldest Internet and Web service providers in the world. As one of the pioneering local Blacksburg companies that helped get the Blacksburg Electronic Village started, Biz Net offers a broad range of business class email, Web hosting, and Internet services over its multi-Gigabit redundant Internet infrastructure.
Calix network equipment Calix is our supplier of choice for network switches and customer premises equipment (CPE). Calix has been our favorite supplier for years, because they understand open access networks better than any other fiber switch supplier. Calix equipment will be powering our standard Gigabit fiber connections in Blacksburg.
OFS OFS, a Furukawa company, is supplying the high capacity, Gigabit fiber that will connect Blacksburg homes and businesses. We have been using OFS fiber cable for several years, and OFS products and technical support are second to none. OFS fiber cable will ensure that Blacksburg has a "future proof" fiber infrastructure that will last for decades.
Design Nine Design Nine is a Blacksburg, Virginia company with more experience designing new multi-service, multi-provider networks than any other business in the U.S. Design Nine has designed and built networks in Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, and Minnesota, and has projects underway in California, Montana, Minnesota, and Illinois. Design Nine is bringing more than twenty years experience with community-wide broadband to WideOpen Blacksburg.